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  • Ostatu Blanco 2022

    Know-how. A young white wine made from Viura and Malvasía grapes coming from old vineyards (between 30 and 80 years old). A fresh and fruity wine with a noticeable personality.

  • Ostatu Rosé 2022

    New taste. A young rosé made from Tempranillo, Garnacha and Viura grapes which come from the highest parts of our vineyards, in the district of Samaniego. A special rosé that won’t leave you...

  • Ostatu Tinto 2022

    Our origins. Young red of carbonic maceration: the simplest and most natural fermentation of a wine. Made with Tempranillo, Viura, Graciano and Mazuelo from the youngest vineyards.

  • Ostatu Crianza 2020

    Perfect balance and renewal. A crianza with body and character that is made from Tempranillo, Graciano, Mazuelo and Garnacha grapes which came from Vineyards of 35 years old. A faithful...

  • Ostatu Reserva 2017

    Evolution and distinction. Tempranillo from vineyards over 50 years old located on small slopes on the western side of Samaniego, ripened under the morning sun. A perfect balance between variety...

  • Ostatu Gran Reserva 2015

    Exclusivity of vintages. Tempranillo and Graciano. An elegant expression of the potential of great vintages in Samaniego. 24 months aging in oak casks, 5 months in oak tub and more than three...

  • Valdepedro de Ostatu 2021

    Valdepedro is our latest addition to our single vineyard wines, the result of more than four years of work getting to know this vineyard and studying the results elaborating without added sulfur....

  • Escobal de Ostatu 2021

    A new style for our home. Escobal represents a change of generation. From this moment it is no longer our parents or grandparents who planted the vineyard, but we are the ones who started with...

  • Selección de Ostatu 2018

    Selección is an emblematic wine for us. It was the first wine that we began to age in barrels and the one that took our production identity to a different profile from the usual Rioja wines....

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    LORE de Ostatu 2020

    A beautiful vineyard. We were able to buy it in the 90s, as it was owned by one of the historic wineries in Laguardia. A peculiar orientation, facing north, just in front of the Palomares...

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    LADERAS de Ostatu 2017

    A daring vineyard. When in the 60s no one thought of planting above our town, our grandfather became infatuated with this spot. Poor, thin soil with very superficial calcic rock. He planted the...

  • GLORIA de Ostatu 2018

    The wine that changed our wine-making ideas. We chose three very old plots (Revillas, Cascajos and Calvario) from which to make the first vintages. Then, with the increasing knowledge of the...