Secure Payment

Security card payment

When you shop online with credit card, both validation and the effective realization of the payment are made using the same system as in a conventional trade. Once the card reaches the seller he sends it off the Internet in the same way that when paying by any physical store. Therefore, the critical point occurs when forwarding the card through a potentially insecure public network like the Internet.

To ensure the confidentiality in the Internet data transfer is used a security protocol, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), which accept the vast majority of browsers. This system ensures the identity of the seller, ensuring the integrity of the message and encrypts data with 128-bit encryption (it would take thousands of years the world's most powerful computer to decode the message), which ensures that if someone intercepts the They may not interpret.

But this does not solve all problems, as anyone with access to a foreign card can pay online. To remedy these limitations we have designed new safety standards also certify the authenticity of the card user. Banks are beginning to implement the Secure Electronic Commerce, which adds an element of safety associated with a key known only to the card owner. So, after typing the card number to buy online, request the customer trade your personal code that identifies you as a legitimate user of the card.

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Payment Methods

In Ostatu we use all Internet security standards. You have the possibility to pay by the following methods:

  • By CREDIT CARD: When you pay by card you will be paying directly to the bank via a secure gateway, so it is impossible for anyone to intercept the payment details.
  • By PAYPAL: PayPal is the fast and secure way to pay online. PayPal stores securely your financial information and and protects them with security and fraud prevention market leaders systems. Moreover, your financial details are never shared with the seller. When you make the purchase online, you may enter your card details or bank account to pay. You only need your email and password.
  • Through INCOME / BANK TRANSFER: When you place an order, you will receive an invoice by email with the account number that you enter the money. Once payment is made, from Ostatu we proceed to send the order within 72 hours.

You still do not trust the credit card payment? Do not worry, here we explain the different phases of the process so that you understand and have greater confidence: