LORE de Ostatu 2021

Lore de Ostatu is one of our single vineyard wines. In its new label, we seek to show the fundamental aspects of our project: a family winery, with a marked viticultural and oenological character that produces high-quality wines from different parcels.

A beautiful vineyard. We were able to buy it in the 90s, as it was owned by one of the historic wineries in Laguardia.

A peculiar orientation, facing north, just in front of the Palomares peak, where the frosty mornings are long and where the last remnants of snow remain. Successfully planted with a significant percentage of white, almost 60%, with Viura and Malvasía in equal parts and where the rest is Tempranillo.

In Valcavada the white grape is maintained with great health due to the great aeration derived from its orientation. In addition, a very good ripening and structure of the grape are achieved due to the amount of wood in the plant, since it is in an area prone to frost, in the pruning process, the vine has been raised in height.

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Valcavada, planted in 1957 at 547m above sea level

Grape Varieties

50% Viura, 50% Malvasia


7.476 bottles (75 cl)

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