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Extra Virgin Oil Eusko Label Ostatu

The pure flavor of the Extra Virgin Oil of Rioja Alavesa. An oil made with the native variety Arróniz under the seal of quality of Eusko Label.

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Rioja Alavesa




It has pleasant aromas of tomato vine and ripe fruits, with a mild flavor and pleasant bitterness. When it is picked in green, the olive presents higher levels of bitterness and itching with a characteristic fruity flavor. The Arróniz oil, which is stable, can be used both for frying and for eating raw.


Olives from our olive trees located, mostly, in our vineyard plots where the soils are calcareous clay, very poor. The subsoil structure is formed by several layers of white rock.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Eusko Label comes mostly from olives of the Arroniz variety, the olives are freshly picked from the tree and at their optimum point of maturation in order to preserve all their nutritional and aromatic properties.

The Extraction is carried out in cold (lower than the conventional temperature), and only, by mechanical or physical procedures that do not produce the alteration of the product, thus prioritizing the quality and not so much, the quantity.The storage is done at a controlled temperature to avoid sudden changes in the product and therefore its degradation, and to achieve a progressive decantation. Manual harvest.


100% Variety Arróniz

Olivares framed under the seal of Eusko Label, organic production Olivar Viejo located in vineyard plots.

New olive plantation in 2010. Manual harvest.

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